Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Reasons to Love Fraxel® Laser Treatment

Fraxel® laser treatment benefits patients who are dealing with a range of skin conditions, including acne scarring, sun damage, and the effects of aging. There are many reasons to love Fraxel® laser treatment, but the biggest benefit it offers is the same potency as ablative skin treatments -- without the harshness. In fact, you will be surprised at how gentle it is on your skin.

Typical laser treatment works by vaporizing whole layers of skin cells at high temperature -- this often results in negative side effects, and there is usually a long healing time afterward. Results require multiple treatments and are hard to predict. On the other hand, Fraxel® laser combines a high level of effectiveness with a much safer and more predictable result.

Fraxel® laser treatment has a much shorter recovery time and a low risk of side effects. Dermatologists love it because of its predictable results, so they can make promises to their patients and keep them; it takes the guesswork out of skin treatment.

The innovative technology used in Fraxel® laser treatment provides a higher degree of precision in targeting problem areas -- this reduces or eliminates the risk of side effects to healthy skin, which makes it an effective treatment for delicate areas, such as the face, neck and hands. Also, since the Fraxel® laser only penetrates the outer layer of skin, healing is much faster and patients experience minimal downtime.

In most cases, only topical anesthetic is required during treatment, and in the long run, fewer treatment sessions will be needed compared to traditional laser therapy. Of course, results and healing time vary from patient to patient, but the overwhelming feedback about Fraxel® laser treatment is incredibly positive.

Side effects are usually limited to a mild sunburn sensation in the treated area, and skin will have a pinkish color for about a week. If there is any swelling, it will be minimal and should go away in a couple of days. Most patients are able to go right back to regular activities afterward, without interruption.

Perhaps the best reason to love Fraxel® treatment is about the results; you get healthier and more youthful looking skin in just 3 to 5 sessions. Treatment is effective for people suffering from acne scars, age spots, crow’s feet, facial lines, stretch marks and enlarged pores. If you’re interested in Fraxel® laser therapy, check with a qualified dermatologist at Coastal Skin Surgery for more information.

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